You can find all of the photographs from "Walden: 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition" on this web site. The photographs are arranged by chapter. Most often, you will find several chapters to a page. When visiting the pages, you will see thumbnails of all the photographs in that chapter. Clicking on a thumbnail will pull up a larger version of that particular photograph with additional information. Please feel free to Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing a limited ediiton print by Scot Miller
1) Front Matter    2) Economy
3) Where I Lived, and What I LIved For    4) Reading    5) Sounds  
6) Solitude    7) Visitors    8) The Bean-field          
9) The Village    10) The Ponds    11) Baker Farm          
12) Higher Laws    13) Brute Neighbors    14) House-Warming      
15) Former Inhabitants; and Winter Visitors   16) Winter Animals    17) The Pond in Winter
18) Spring    19) Conclusion
20) Then & Now  
21) Seasons