Here are a few recent media stories about "Walden: 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition" with photographs by Scot Miller:

August 2004 - The Wonder of Walden (D Magazine)

August 5, 2004- Wild Side News Radio Interview with Sidney Wildesmith

August 8, 2004- Walden: An American Classic Turns 150 (Voice of America News) by Nancy Beardsley

                                LISTEN TO VOICE OF AMERICA AUDIO REPORT by Nancy Beardsley (ReelAudio)

August 11, 2004-  "Books ponder legacy of 'Walden' at 150"  (USA Today)

September 5, 2004-  The Walden Woods Project, photographs from the book, plus Scot's Walden video        
were featured on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood

September 10,
2004 - The Man Without Impediment by Brice Milligan (The Texas Observer)

November 11, 2004-  Wisconsin Public Radio Interview with host Kathleen Dunn

Fall, 2004-  "WHAT DOES WALDEN MEAN?  After 150 years, Americans still see their reflection in that famous pond"  (Book review by Edward Hoagland on the Natural Resources Defense Council web site)

December, 2004-  Outdoor Photographer  Holiday Book Guide

December, 2004-  Audubon Naturalist News  "Books for Holiday Giving" 

May, 2005- Harvard University Gazette   "Miller's Walden "